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    Refrigerant Handling Safety

    Writer:sarah yipNumber of visits: Date:2019-9-29


    Refrigerants used in refrigeration and air conditioning systems must be used properly to avoid potential hazards. Most refrigerants have low boiling points and present dangers of frostbite and eye damage. Refrigerant liquids with higher boiling points can cause respiratory and skin irritation. Refrigerants can also damage the environment if handled improperly. 

    Our AC service machine can help for the safe handling of refrigerants.we have 20 years’ experience in manufacturing automotive garage equipments. We are professional in producing refrigerant AC service machine.

    We have obtained CE certificates for all of our products. And our products have been authorized
    to be used in many big 4S service centers like GM, Toyota,Volkswagen, Ford, Honda and
    Peugeot in China. And we have exported to more than 20 countries or area and have received
    much applause from our distributors.
    Wonderfu will always offer you good quality products with competitive price.

    Contact us now!


    Sarah YIP

    Sales Manager


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