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    • 產品名稱: X530 Automatic AC recycling machine

    Input Power         750W
    Recovery ability     300g/min
    Charge ability    800g/min
    Vacuum ability    5.4m³/h
    Cylinder capacity   10kg
    Net weight         90kg
    Dimension(D*W*H,mm)     760*690*1350
    Fully automatically operation;
    Fully automatically operation;
    Operation & service prompt;
    Drain the compressor oil auctomatically;
    High/Low pressure protection;
    Large capacity liquid storage tank;
    Incondensable flushing adapter;
    With fan & condenser.
      Detailed parameters  
      Input Power 750W
      Net weight 90kgs
      Dimension(D*W*H,mm) 760*70*1380
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