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    Your present location:Home >> Product Center >> Refrigerant Handling System >> X520 semi-automatic AC service machine
    • 產品名稱: X520 semi-automatic AC service machine

    ● Recharge and recover refrigerant 
    ● Vacuum the air conditioner
    ● Refill refrigerant into air conditioner
    ● Refill air conditioner with tin refrigerant 
    ● Refill the compressor oil into air conditioner 
    ● LCD display
    ● High/Low pressure protection
    ● Mini tank charger adapter
    ● with fan&condenser 
      Detailed parameters  
      Input Power 700W
      Net weight 80kg
      Dimension(D*W*H,mm) 700*610*1270
    大奖888 余干县 资源县 务川 固阳县 双江 尼木县